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AttendZen for event planners

Create events you can be proud of.

AttendZen is robust and flexible enough to meet your all your event needs – from the smallest corporate meeting to the most complex international conference.

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You’re the boss

Solutions that fit you. Not the other way around.

Most event platforms expect you to organise your planning and marketing around how they made their software. We don’t. AttendZen offers a fresh approach to event technology. We make everything flexible so that our tools fit in around your processes and priorities. Because we’re more nimble and customisable than legacy platforms, you can run your events your way.

One platform for everything

No more cobbled together solutions.

Sick of switching between providers for in-person, hybrid and virtual events? Fed up with plugging in third-party streaming, site builders, polling tools, badging, attendee apps and everything else? AttendZen does everything you need. In one platform, seamlessly. Saving you time, money and stress.

Work smarter

Designed to help event teams work together.

We engineered AttendZen to help event managers collaborate, communicate and bridge silos – while avoiding duplication of effort and mistakes. Our integrated event CRM, registration, marketing and agenda tools make it easy to maintain a single source of truth across your events. Fully customisable fields, record cards and guidance notes help you stamp out inconsistent data inputs and formatting by different team members. And our clever design and branding tech helps enforce consistency across your website, emails, badging and more. Enterprise-grade role-based access controls even let you create and provision custom user roles for each individual login and assign them on a per-event basis.

Intuitive and easy to use

Powerful? Yes. Overpowering? No.

AttendZen is a breeze to use. New users can import data, build an agenda, start marketing and taking registrations in a day, using our super-intuitive platform. But because it’s easy to use, don’t imagine it’s not powerful. AttendZen can do everything legacy event platforms can. Just faster and better. Brand every detail. Customise and personalise every touchpoint. Create the most sophisticated websites, marketing campaigns and registration journeys – in-person, virtual and hybrid.

Exceptional value

Do more with less. Like, a lot more.

We’re all expected to deliver more amazing experiences with fewer staff and lower budgets. Maybe someone should tell the legacy event platforms who still want to charge $50,000 for a single event? AttendZen gives you unlimited events, registrations, websites, emails and more, for a whole year, for less than you’re paying for one event now. No commission charges, set-up fees or BS extras. Now all your events – internal, external, big, small – can get the star treatment. And you can spend more of your budget on content and delivery.

No more flat, boring marketing.

Easily build stunning websites and email marketing campaigns that look like a million bucks but cost nothing like it. Create rich, dynamic, branded sites with stunning visuals and animations. Do it all without a line of code (or calling your agency).

No more annoying lead times.

Legacy platforms are slow. AttendZen is cutting-edge and fast. If you’re fed up with hearing that it’ll take six weeks to have your event site and registration up and running, why not demo the platform that does it in six hours?

No more rip-off extra charges.

$1000 to map your site to your domain? Another $1,000 to remove ‘Powered by XXX’ from your site? What about $1,000 to use your own payment provider? We call ‘RIP OFF!’ Join the platform that treats you like a client, not a cash machine.

Designed for professionals

Imagine a platform made for event managers by event managers.

Wait! There’s no need. We built it. Most event platforms were made by tech bros. And it shows. AttendZen was made by people who have decades of experience running profitable, global events across the commercial and association markets. We know exactly what it’s like to be you. We know that events are about human beings first, and data second. We know the raft of unforeseen setbacks, last minute changes, cancellations, tricky customers and real-world problems you face every day. And we built AttendZen to help you overcome them. Not because we read an article in Forbes.

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