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Event CRM

Events are all about relationships.

Go beyond transactions. Understand and connect with your customers like never before with our integrated CRM built specifically for events.

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Contact management

What if your contacts managed themselves?

Tired of looking for your contacts’ info in multiple spreadsheets, your CRM, email app – or worse, on paper? AttendZen’s contact management software works seamlessly with our registration system, email marketing engine, onsite and virtual technologies. Everything gets tracked, recorded and updated automatically. No more switching tabs to add leads, track email conversations, and manage tasks in your event marketing and sales process.

Smart data syncing

Base your event marketing on a single source of truth.

When an existing contact provides new information about themselves on your registration form, their CRM record gets updated automatically. When someone totally new registers, a fresh CRM record gets created for your approval. Our smart software matches new people to existing organisations to avoid duplicate record cards. One single set of accurate records drives everything and lets you visualise everything you know about a contact in one screen. Say goodbye to hours of copying and pasting your contact database.

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Customise everything.

Add unlimited custom fields to your record cards to capture special details that you can use to build better relationships with attendees.

Tag everything.

Use tags to segment your contacts and personalise your marketing, gain additional tracking capabilities and added context on individuals and companies.

Secure everything.

Give users access to the information they need to do their job and restrict access to records, reports and exports using team permissions.

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Engagement-based lead scoring

Turn more prospects into attendees.

Whatever the event, follow-up calls and emails are a fact of life. And the key to filling seats is not to work harder, but to work smarter. AttendZen’s automated lead-scoring tool automatically scores each prospect based on email engagement and visits to your event website, and syncs these scores to your CRM, taking the guesswork out of finding your hottest prospective attendees.


Be brilliant with people.

See a real-time feed of all interactions and activities related to a contact in one place. Know exactly which emails they opened, and when. See when they last visited your site. Make notes on every interaction you have with them. And share every insight across your team. Set tasks and reminders for yourself or a colleague to follow up. Treat every customer as an individual and never drop the ball again.

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Alerts and notifications.

AttendZen sends you real-time notifications that indicate when contacts or prospective attendees need your attention.

Effortless imports.

Bring over all your existing contacts and accounts using our smart Excel upload wizard – avoiding duplicates, managing GDPR permissions and more.

Capture more leads.

Collect prospective attendees’ contact information through frictionless web sign-up forms that can be added to your event site in minutes.

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Prefer to you use your own CRM? That’s cool too.

False modesty be damned – we’ve spent years making a pretty great CRM for events. But if your organisation already runs on Salesforce, Dynamics, HubSpot or another popular enterprise CRM, AttendZen will integrate with it. Seamlessly. We may feel slightly sad. But we won’t cry.

What’s in the box

Event CRM at a glance

  • Upload unlimited contacts
  • Create custom fields
  • Link people and organisation records
  • Dynamic field mapping
  • Segment using data tags
  • Built in GDPR compliance tools
  • Automatic leadscoring
  • Set prospect type
  • Set prospect value
  • Set win probability
  • Record contact origin
  • Contact timeline
  • Place calls within CRM
  • Email contacts direct from record card
  • Set ‘do not call / email’ permissions
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Notes
  • Set reminders
  • Deduplicate records
  • Smart uploader
  • Export

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