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Email marketing

Make yourself heard above the noise.

Lots of people are emailing your attendees. We’ll help you cut through with more beautiful branded templates, better deliverability and helpful analytics.

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Complete marketing solution

You’ve got mail (and then some).

AttendZen’s powerful email marketing suite contains everything you need to connect with your audience like never before. Design stunning, on-brand emails. Segment your recipients for precise targeting. Personalise every message to improve engagement. Grow your lists and analyse your results to optimise every aspect of your campaign performance. Get ready to do your most successful event marketing yet.


Have a one-on-one conversation with every contact.

Your attendees deserve email messaging that’s as unique as they are. AttendZen lets you deliver highly personalised emails that show you know more about your customer than anyone else. Address your customers by name, but don’t stop there! Merge tags make it a breeze to dynamically personalise the whole email message.

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Drive attendance with targeted messages.

Batch and blast conversations don’t work. Start sending marketing your attendees actually want to receive. AttendZen makes is easy to segment your contact lists and target individuals based on their interests, organisation type, job title, location, behaviour and more. Talk specifically about the speakers, content or networking benefits that are meaningful to a smaller, targeted group – and watch those conversions soar.

Intuitive email builder

Mail model.

Create beautiful, mobile-optimised emails in minutes with our user-friendly editor. Start from scratch or customise one of our designer-made email marketing templates. Play with sophisticated graphical components to show off your content, speakers and sponsors. Pull in your event’s styles, colours and fonts so all your communications stay effortlessly on-brand. Control the from name, reply to and preview text – and send emails from your preferred domain. Be the star of every inbox.

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Deliverability. Delivered.

Our reliable, industry-trusted tech ensures your emails land in inboxes, not spam folders.

Unified experience.

Work seamlessly across marketing and transactional email. Use the same editing experience whether you’re creating marketing mails, automations or confirmations. Customise everything. Brand everything.

Compliance. Baked in.

Protect your reputation and stay compliant with CAN-SPAM. Clear sender information and unsubscribe links are automatically added to every mail.

Data and analytics

See what’s working (and what isn’t).

Track your email campaign success in real-time with integrated analytics that show your delivery rate, open rate and clicks. With split tests you can understand which content is getting the best results so you can optimise future campaigns. Back your email strategy with the statistics that truly matter.

  • Learn what resonates most with engagement data
  • Protect a path to the inbox with deliverability stats
  • Get to know your contacts with audience insights
  • Track data in real-time on insight-rich dashboards
  • Measure and compare sending with category tags
  • Run custom analyses using data exports

Smart signup

Grow your email list with ease.

Add an email signup form to your event website and collect new contacts for your event marketing. Our low-friction, double opt-in process ensures that you’ll know every email address you collect is for a valid, monitored inbox – while allowing your prospect to join your list in two clicks.

What’s in the box

Email marketing at a glance

  • Drag & drop email builder
  • Save and re-use templates
  • Fully brandable
  • Pre-send email testing
  • Segmentation tools
  • Email personalisation
  • Dynamic content
  • Automatic plain text fallback
  • Advance scheduling
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Single click unsubscribe
  • Double opt-in for new email signups
  • Built in CAN-SPAM compliance

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