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AttendZen for marketers

Get the right people in the room.

AttendZen empowers marketers to create engaging in-person and virtual event experiences that fuel pipelines, drive conversions and build brands.

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The platform designed for marketers

Event marketing works. But …

As a marketing professional, you know better than we do that events are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal when it comes to educating customers, forging trust, building loyal communities and driving sales. But only if those events have high, demonstrable value. Only if they are a seamless extension of your brand. And only if they’re flawlessly executed. We can help with that.

100% white label

Run events that build brand awareness.

A major advantage of event marketing is that it allows you to associate a physical identity and aesthetic with your brand in a digital age. So make sure your event platform supports that. AttendZen lets you brand everything. From custom domains to white label event websites. From transactional emails and virtual event spaces to attendee apps, badging and more. Your attendees will be immersed in the unique personality of your brand. And they literally won’t know we exist.

Stratify invitations

Get more of the people you need to reach.

Marketing events are a constant trade-off between quantity and quality. You need to fill every seat, sure. But you also need to maximise the lead quality of each attendee you check in. Use AttendZen’s sophisticated pre-approval and waitlist functionality to stratify your invitees and make sure you end up with the optimal spread of qualified prospects in the room.

Powerful engagement tools

Turn your attendees into engaged customers.

For event marketing to work it has to be immersive, entertaining, and memorable. AttendZen can help you leverage your speakers and content with our suite of powerful audience engagement tools. Empower your attendees to ask questions, take part in live chat and polling – and use intuitive networking tools to make new connections.

Advanced analytics

Understand what they’re thinking.

AttendZen makes it easy to download analytics data on how your attendees engaged and interacted with your event and specific content. See which sessions got the most views. Which generated the most discussion. Zero in on the engagement signals from an individual prospect, or use wider insights to shape your next event or broader marketing strategy.

Ridiculously easy to use.

Most event software is opaque. AttendZen is incredibly intuitive. Your team can be up and running with a beautiful website, custom registration, RSVPs, livestreaming – the whole deal – in just hours. Oh, and we have real support from real experts.

Compatible with your martech stack.

You can connect AttendZen to the marketing tools you already rely on. From CRMs to marketing automation to project management apps. If it’s in the cloud, we can share data with it to save you time.

Think of the budget!

AttendZen lets you manage and market unlimited events for unlimited attendees over a whole year for less than most platforms charge for one event. No per-attendee charges. No add-ons. Seriously.

Report on meaningful metrics

Prove the value of your events channel.

Events are expensive. We know how much it costs to give 500 people a cup of coffee in a nice hotel ballroom in San Francisco. Or Birmingham, come to that. Gone are the days when you could get by with a mix of ‘gut-feel’ opinions and feedback forms to rate the cookies. We can help you identify and track hard metrics that can actually evidence engagement and lead quality across your attendees. Whether they like macadamia nuts or not.

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