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Registration experiences customers love.

Increase attendance and make people smile with a frictionless, personalised and just plain lovely registration journey.

All the flavours
Emma has registered with ease

Frictionless from end-to-end

Registration pages built for conversion.

AttendZen comes with everything you need to create the smoothest registration experience for your customers. Let them breeze through the registration process by pre-filling the data you already have on them. Make it easy for them to input their preferences and help them fix any errors in real time. We obsess over every detail of the registration page – from its load time to the smallest animation. This is event registration the way it should be: fast, effortless and reassuring.

Customisable form builder

Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Get exactly the registration flow you want, for each participant type, in minutes. Re-name and re-order every field. Choose from 15 different field types including open text, multi select and conditional questions to gather the data you need from different attendees. Add instructions and guidance text. Sophisticated field validation and error-checking is already built in. It’s never been easier to get the registration data you need.

A chef knows how you like your steak for the gala dinner

Conditional display logic

Always ask the right questions.

Rule one of registrations? Don’t waste the customer’s time. Only show them the fields they need to see. Our clever conditional display logic makes it easy to include or exclude registration form fields on the basis of a previous answer on the form. Or the chosen ticket type. Or the country the registrant is located in. Or pretty much anything else you need.

Total visibility.

Always know exactly how your event registrations are going with our comprehensive event dashboards and real-time analytics.

Total flexibility.

Create as many custom ticket types as you need for your event. Paid or free. Public or private. Invitation-only or general availability.

Totally covered.

Ensure your customers have read and accepted your event terms and conditions before they confirm their registration.

Fully integrated

Data that flows seamlessly.

With AttendZen everything works together beautifully. New registrations are automatically added to the built-in CRM. Outdated contact records are updated with fresh registration data. Attendees are matched with organisations. Duplicate records are mitigated. Everything you need – from an attendee’s profile information, social handles, interests and ticketing preferences – just flow in, ready to be used to market your next event. No more spreadsheet fatigue. No more wasted time.

Dynamic ticketing

Grow your events and your relationships. One registration at a time.

Create multiple custom ticket types. Set early-bird rates. Offer discount codes. Accept group bookings. AttendZen lets you assign different ticket types to specific groups for truly personalised experiences. Collect credit card payment via Stripe and get paid instantly or choose to enable automatic invoicing for offline payments by bank transfer.

Pre-approve attendees.

You can opt to have customers apply to join your event, then screen their information and approve registrations prior to confirmation to optimise quality or diversity of attendance.

Optimised for every device.

Provide a stress-free registration experience across mobile, tablet, and desktop with responsive registration, confirmation and checkout screens. Single-column layouts, vertically aligned fields, collapsible menus and smart input constraints make it easy to register on any device.

Get the picture.

Have registrants upload a portrait photo of themselves, which can be viewed in the check-in app and added to the badge for additional security.

Effortless attendee management

Deliver the kind of service that turns registrants into repeat customers.

Resend tickets, issue refunds, manage waitlists, and change ticket information in seconds from your dashboard. Give your attendees the option to update their own registration details via magic link. Wow your participants with fully customised, on-brand transactional emails. Address everyone by name. Always know exactly who they are and what they signed up for. We can help you treat every attendee like a VIP.

A place has opened up on the waitlist
Sam is happy to accept his invitation

Invitation-only events

RSVP. On steroids.

Create, edit and send beautiful, highly personalised invitations for any invite-only event, whether it’s digital, in-person, or hybrid. Track RSVP progress through a clear dashboard that tells you who has opened, clicked, or not received your online invitations. Your invite list automatically becomes a dynamic guest list with clear status updates for invites, guest activity, live on-site or virtual management and post-event insights.

What’s in the box

Registration at a glance

  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Free or paid tickets
  • Multiple ticket types
  • Custom registration paths
  • Full conditional logic
  • 16 custom field types
  • Live field validation
  • Make fields required
  • Let registrants upload ID photo
  • Add guidance text
  • Allow group bookings
  • Terms and conditions compliance
  • Customise registration summary
  • Registration countdown timer
  • Dynamic inventory management
  • Customise confirmation screen
  • Customisable confirmation emails
  • Customise all transactional emails
  • Email all registrants by status
  • Attendee self-editing
  • Discount codes
  • Early bird rates
  • Map registration fields to CRM
  • Searchable attendee list
  • Waitlist
  • Attendee pre-approval
  • RSVP invitations
  • Invitation-only
  • Non-transferable invites
  • Capacity alerts

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