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About AttendZen

2003 called. It wants its event technology back.

Out with the old. We’re making enterprise-grade event technology simpler, seamless and more accessible for everyone.

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We’re on a mission.

To simplify the complex event technology we have struggled with for decades. Most legacy event platforms are opaque and stressful to use. Then they leave you with a tired looking, cookie-cutter experience that doesn’t do your brand justice. Prices aren’t transparent and some are simply outrageous. Support is distant – often outsourced to a cheap call centre somewhere. It’s a model designed to benefit them — not you. AttendZen set out to change that.

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Okay, but why are you doing this?

Excellent question. It’s certainly not because the world needs yet another event platform.

But you know, the world does deserve a better event platform. A platform that’s easier and more joyful to use. A platform that works seamlessly across in-person and virtual. A platform that brings you closer to your attendees. Without costing stupid amounts of money.

Events make the world go round. They bring people together to share ideas and solve problems. And the people who make events tend to be brave, bright, optimistic and endlessly creative. That’s what we love. And that’s why we do this.

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And who are you, exactly?

Just a bunch of event veterans, marketers, software developers and graphic designers with a crazy dream to make it easier and more fun to run great events.

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