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Check-in and badging

Make a better first impression.

Designed to allow check-in staff to give their undivided attention to your attendees. No more paper. No more lines.

Not a great prom date
Just scan to check in

Check-in app

Check it out.

Find and check-in guests in seconds, thanks to our blazing fast and stable check-in app for browsers, iOS and Android devices. Choose between QR code scanning for contactless check-in, or welcome guests personally with lightning quick lookup. Set prompts for registration staff to recognise speakers, sponsors or VIPs. Whether you have 50 attendees or 5,000 – make the best possible first impression.

Badge printing

Wear it like a badge of honour.

AttendZen enables on-site name badge printing, on check-in, for everyone. Instantly print beautiful badges for guests on arrival. No mistakes in guest info, no wasted time or badge stock on no-shows. All you need is a computer with Internet access and any consumer-grade colour printer. Convenient, right?

Badge builder and printer
Biogen badge Ignite badge
EY badge
Netflix badge
Abbott badge NSPE badge
UNIDO badge Rolex badge
Tesla badge RMIT badge
Visa badge
Google badge
Piper badge
Samantha uses her badge to check in to a session

Access control

Make sure everyone’s in the right place.

Control session access as needed by scanning attendees’ badges and get precise data about attendance across your programme. You can even issue certificates of attendance on event completion for CPD or other purposes.

Strict security controls

Lock it down.

AtendZen gives you the option to require each attendee to upload a photo during registration, which you can use to ID your guests on check-in. Add the photo to your badges to enhance on-site security. It’s easy to give your front-of-house staff permission only to only check-in guests and not to access or change any other PII within your registration system.

Attendee photo on badge

What’s in the box

Check-in and badging at a glance

  • Check-in app
  • Scan QR codes
  • Walk-up registrations
  • Drag & drop badge-builder
  • Branded badges
  • On-site badge printing

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