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Your customers won’t even know we exist.

Your brand. Your colours. Your fonts. AttendZen is a true white label solution, giving you total control of branding across your website, emails, badging and more.

A “Your logo here” t-shirt

Brand everything

All platforms let you add your logo. It isn’t enough.

A logo is not your brand. Your brand is the sum of the experience your customers have with you – before, during and after your event. It’s your aesthetic. Your attitude. Your personality. AttendZen makes it easier to craft a solid and consistent event brand that will wow customers, attendees, employees and sponsors by reinforcing your identity across every touchpoint:

  • Event website
  • Virtual event space
  • Marketing emails
  • Transactional emails
  • Badging
  • Event app
  • Check-in app
  • Invoices
Event website on desktop Event website on mobile Attendee badge
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“Powered by Aventri” “Powered by Cvent” “Powered by Eventbrite” “Powered by Hopin”

100% white label

Because this isn’t about us.

It’s your event. Your brand. Your customer relationships. So why do so many platforms think it’s the job of your event to promote their software? Even when you’re already paying them to use it! The only brands your customer should ever see on your event marketing are yours and your sponsors. Having ‘Powered by …’ slapped all over your website and emails runs the risk of making your event look cheap and amateurish. Asking you pay extra to remove it? That’s just offensive.

Custom domains

Make a name for yourself.

Don’t settle for an assigned subdomain like The right custom domain name helps establish a consistent online brand identity. It also adds credibility and helps build search authority for your event. And make sure you map your emails to your domain too. AttendZen makes it easy to white label both your event site, and the outbound marketing emails we send on your behalf. And unlike some platforms we could mention, we don’t charge rip-off fees for the privilege.

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Attendee email from Comicfest

Email marketing

You do you.

The emails you send to prospective attendees are one of the best ways to tell the story behind your event. So we make it easy to build beautiful, branded emails that use slick visuals and clear calls-to-action to articulate the unique value of your event. We also let you edit, style and brand all the transactional emails your registrants receive, so you can give your event brand real personality.

Smart templates

Creativity meets control.

Choose a theme and map your brand assets, colours and fonts once. Every facet of your event marketing will automatically pick up the right styles and our clever software will let any user create ready-to-publish visuals on their own, without deviating from your set brand values. Your agency can focus on designing things instead of having to produce every email and webpage – while your marketing and events teams are empowered to make what they need, fast.

Event website
Hero image chooser Theme palette Named colour Custom font
Biogen badge
Ignite badge
NSPE badge Netflix badge
EY badge
UNIDO badge Rolex badge
Tesla badge Abbott badge
RMIT badge Google badge
Visa badge
Piper badge

Badging and onsite

Got a great brand? Then you’ll want great badges.

Not the kind that look like they came from Kinkos. Beautiful, professional badges that show your brand off to the best possible advantage, and look amazing in all those promotional photos, selfies and social media posts. The kind of badges people keep as souvenirs. Our integrated badge builder makes it a breeze to design badges that reinforce your corporate brand, and print them on demand. Even the check-in app your attendees see on arrival carries your branding. Because as my mum said: you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

Virtual environment
Attendee app

Virtual and attendee app

Your brand. Virtually everywhere.

Running a virtual or hybrid event? Fear not. AttendZen picks up the colours and settings from your event setup and deploys them throughout your virtual space – to make sure your branding stays consistent and on-point. Using our attendee app? Same deal. From the initial splash screen to smallest details – the UX and presentation of your content is automatically configured to match that of your event website, your emails, badging and everything else.

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