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Virtual and hybrid events

Not all virtual events are created equal.

Say goodbye to dreary webinars. Wow your audience with impressive presentations, intuitive networking and engaging live polls, Q&A and chat.

Virtual events
Virtual attendee Virtual exhibition Speaker In-person audience

Virtual and hybrid

Let’s get a couple of things straight.

Virtual is not about repackaging the old – it’s about reimagining the virtual experience in ways that weren’t possible until now. It’s finding new interactive solutions to make connecting easier, more meaningful, and more accessible.

And we’re going to be real with you: there’s no such thing as a ‘hybrid event’ – it’s two distinctly different experiences telling the same brand story. We think of ‘hybrid’ as the magic in between. It’s where these two experiences intersect to create a place for meaningful moments shared by in-person and digital audiences.

Welcome to your branded hub where streaming, networking, engagement, and sponsor visibility come to life. And where the in-person experience blends beautifully with the digital.

Virtual venue

Your event should look like your event.

AttendZen offers you a more beautiful, branded venue for your virtual events. Our minimalist virtual space and clear UX makes it easy for you to stamp your personality on every event – large or small – and make it your own. We’ve designed an attendee experience that’s smoother and easier on the eyes, so your guests’ full attention stays on the only thing that matters. Your content.

A branded virtual environment


Welcome your attendees to your event with an intro video, beautiful graphic panels or a combination of both. Promote star speakers and event highlights at any time.

Event stages.

Broadcast as many parallel sessions as you need to as many as 100,000 attendees with enterprise-grade, low-latency live-streaming, simulive and VOD

Event sessions.

Break your attendees out into smaller rooms for concurrent live sessions with full moderator capabilities and multiple speakers.

Streaming around the world, with control from your browser

Live streaming

Just flick a switch and you’re on air.

We did the complicated stuff already. AttendZen Streaming is a fully integrated solution that allows you to create professional live streams within the platform. No AV team required. No third parties needed. Our live stream, simulated live and video-on-demand all use our battle-tested, cloud-based infrastructure to stream your event at a global scale with secure, low-latency delivery. If you prefer, you can plug in your own choice of live streaming solution with native integrations or RTMP. Either way you can relax. Everything just works.

Simulated live

Want all the advantages of live? But none of the stress?

We can hook you up. AttendZen’s Simulive technology lets you record a video in advance and stream it at a specified day and time, exactly as you would a live session, with all live interactions – such as chat, Q&A and reactions – running in real-time. It’s pretty clever stuff. Simulive dramatically lowers the risk of any live hiccups and transforms your presenters to video stars. You can mix Simulive and actual live presentations throughout your event and your audience won’t know the difference.

Relax, it’s pre-recorded
Good results from the poll

Interactive live polling

Well, I’d vote for that.

AttendZen gives you the power to design a wide variety of interactive polls. Polling your audience is one of the most effective ways to increase engagement and make presentations more dynamic and memorable. Create a poll on the fly in seconds.

Moderated Q&A

Go ahead. Ask us anything.

Give everyone in the audience a chance to have their question heard. Attendees can up-vote questions that they would also like answered. You can let people ask questions anonymously, for an open and safe environment. Questions can be pre-screened by a moderator if you need to manage the discussion. AttendZen does it all without having to plug in extra tech.

Moderated questions, some with likes
Making a video call

Effortless networking

Great to meet you.

A virtual event without networking is just a webinar. So give attendees a platform where they can connect, chat, and engage naturally with each other – whether they’re attending digitally or in-person.

Virtual exhibit booths

Make a proper exhibition of yourself.

Give sponsors, exhibitors and partners their own platform to present their products and services. Let them give live or pre-recorded video demonstrations; chat with prospective clients; schedule meetings; capture leads and more.

What’s in the box

Virtual and hybrid events at a glance

  • Multiple concurrent live sessions
  • Native streaming
  • Connect popular streaming services
  • RTMP compatible
  • Simuated live
  • Automatic live captioning
  • Video on Demand
  • Branded welcome lobby
  • Event schedule
  • Private, unlimited one-on-one video-chatting
  • Direct messages
  • Session-wide chat
  • Live polling
  • Q&A
  • Highlighted organiser messages
  • Modular event design
  • Unlimited virtual booths
  • Tiered booth sizes
  • Customisable branding
  • Sponsor branding
  • Moderator functions
  • Export video recordings

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