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AttendZen for field marketing events

Create moments that help people fall in love with your brand.

Great brands and memorable events deserve the most beautiful websites, registration and on-site experiences – all backed by the smartest technology.

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Made for omnichannel

Welcome to the experiential event platform.

Shared experiences can transform a marketing campaign. They represent our favourite anecdotes, our strongest memories and our greatest passions. AttendZen’s all-in-one event management solution empowers you to do more with your experiential strategy. Better connect with audiences, streamline registration and attendee management workflows, improve engagement and turn event data into meaningful insights – at scale.

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Roadshows
  • Sales promotions
  • Onboarding events

Immersive branding

Stronger bonds mean stronger brands.

Coherent brand identity and campaign messaging is essential to making your events work as part of a seamless, omnichannel experience. AttendZen gives you the tools you need to brand everything. From white label event websites and registration forms, to email marketing and invitations; badges, attendee apps, custom domains and more. Your colours, fonts and brand assets – exactly as you need them. You’ll never see the words ‘powered by’ again.

How we take branding to the next level

Event website
Targeted event emails


Make it all about them.

Field marketing events work best when you show your customer that you understand them as a person. AttendZen lets you segment your contacts to send differentiated marketing and invites designed to appeal to specific sub-groups. And you can personalise every email and confirmation message with merge data tags so it feels like your speaking one-on-one with every customer.

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Enhanced onsite experience

Let us sweat the small stuff.

Everything about your event speaks to your brand. So make sure you start with a stunning website and frictionless registration. Ensure all your transactional, confirmation and reminder communications are personalised and on-point. Check-in needs to be slick yet welcoming. Badges should be fast, accurate and look great. Attendees should be able to chat, network, ask questions, and give their feedback at any stage. This is what AttendZen does – help you create positive impressions that endear customers to your brand.

Learn more about check-in and badging

Email Check-in Badge

Act fast. Reduce dependencies.

Experiment and bring new events online quickly. With AttendZen you can import your customer data, build a beautiful website, open registration and set up email marketing within 48 hours using your own people and existing assets. No agencies needed.

Integrate with everything.

Marketo, Pardot, Hubspot – the list goes on. Connect AttendZen to just about anything in your marketing stack. The more data you integrate, the more audience insights and personalisation possibilities you’ll discover.

Do more. Spend less.

Unlike most enterprise event management platforms, we don’t think we’re entitled to a cut of your registration revenue. Nor do we charge per event fees. Pay one annual subscription for the platform and run unlimited events with unlimited attendees.

Event emails
Video on demand

Post-event engagement

Keep the interactions going even after the event finishes.

Just because your event is over, it doesn’t mean the engagement has to stop. Keep the conversation going by building out an enduring community. Make event content available as video-on-demand. Encourage attendees to share photos and stories. Start a discussion about topics and speakers for your next event. In other words, foster authentic relationships and genuine interactive experiences, all while staying on-brand.

Reporting and analytics

Proof of performance? No problem.

Events aren’t cheap and it’s a challenge to calculate their true ROI. AttendZen helps you connect detailed event metrics with your marketing and sales goals, delivering visibility and accountability. Track engagement levels at every event stage of the event cycle. Understand how attendees are advancing through your sales funnel; which content is motivating which segment; then share with your company’s martech stack to maximise conversions.

More about reporting and analytics

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