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Reporting and analytics

See further into your event performance.

Get actionable info about your event. Learn which content is working best and how your attendees behave. Then use these insights to act and improve.

Using some very good binoculars
Fingers-crossed it’s going well Status Registrations Tickets Revenue

Real-time dashboards

Make event decisions with confidence.

We know how important it is to have total visibility into your event performance at any given time. With AttendZen’s smart dashboards you’ll gain clarity and confidence in understanding what’s working, and what can be improved. All the data that matters to you is available anywhere, anytime, and exactly as you want it – all with real-time accuracy. Something only a fully unified solution can provide.

Fully customised reporting

Build your own insights.

When you need to go deeper, you can build your insights from scratch across all AttendZen data – ranging from registration performance, financials, email marketing and more. Export your event data in .csv format to combine it with data from other sources and channels to achieve a holistic view of your performance both on- and off-site.

Attendance, participation and session ratings

Video streaming analytics

Tune in. Turn on. Drop out?

In the good old days, you could just glance at the room and see how a session was going. Did people leave? Is anyone asleep? Virtual events make this tricky. But not impossible. AttendZen lets you see which sessions had the most views. Drill down to see how many attendees watched throughout a presentation. Understand player engagement and drop off patterns. The metrics you need to optimise your content.

Engagement and networking metrics

Ok, cool. But what are they actually doing?

You’ve got great content, but how are attendees engaging with you? With your sponsors and exhibitors? With each other? AttendZen measures participant chat, networking actions, engagement with Q&A, polling, downloading of content and a host of other data points – allowing you to track the engagement of your virtual attendees, both at an individual and event-wide level.

Polls, chat, questions, messages, video calls
Got the stats, got the cash

Revenue analysis

Money talks.

We’ll help you listen. Easily break down your registration sales by ticket type, geography and source. Compare your revenue across time periods. Understand the relationship between promotions (like discount codes or early birds) and actual sales. Know where you stand with chargebacks, refunds and card processing fees. Everything’s at your fingertips.

Third-party analytics

Plug in for the bigger picture.

Third-party web analytics can help you assess and improve the effectiveness of your event website – along with any digital marketing, advertising and paid social media campaigns you’re running to drive traffic. With AttendZen all you need do is copy and paste your third-party tracking code and we take care of the rest.

Adding Google Analytics embed code to an event website

What’s in the box

Reporting and analytics at a glance

  • Sales / RSVP summary dashboard
  • Revenue dashboard
  • Email marketing dashboard
  • Virtual event engagement dashboard
  • Detailed analytics by ticket type
  • Detailed exports of all data

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