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Designing event websites that convert.

Learn how to design and structure a site that gets more customers to register.

Your website is the single most powerful tool you have when it comes to driving attendance at your event.

But could it be working harder?

Lots of events have a lovely website. And they spend big bucks driving traffic to it. But still the registrations don’t roll in. Why? Usually it’s because the site is not optimised to convert visitors into attendees.

We’ve seen hundreds of event websites. More importantly, we’ve seen the correlation between their traffic, and the conversions they achieve. It’s taught us a few things.

In this 45-minute webinar we’ll look at the anatomy of a successful event website.

We’ll share dozens of concrete steps you can take right now to turn yours into a powerful machine for getting customers to register.

What you’ll learn

  • The anatomy of a great event website
  • How to structure a page as a micro-funnel
  • The 8 second rule (and how not to break it)
  • How to design a compelling hero
  • How video can help build an emotional connection
  • Best practice in UI and UX
  • The psychology of CTAs
  • What responsive design looks like in 2023