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Seven deadly signs you should consider breaking up with your event platform

9 February 2024 minute read

Ian Dickie
Managing Director

How long have you been with your event platform now?

In the beginning, things probably looked so exciting. I bet they called you all the time and promised you the world. Nothing was too much trouble.

Then somehow, once you’d signed that 24 month contract, things just weren’t quite the same. Their ardour seemed to dampen. They became colder – more distant. Almost as though they’d lost interest?

Now you find yourself questioning whether they really are ‘the one’, after all.

If this sounds familiar, check out our seven signs that it might be time to break up with your event platform.

1You’re doing all the sacrificing

How many times have you asked for a feature, function or just a work-around, only to be told ‘the system doesn’t work like that’. If you find yourself constantly putting your platform’s needs first, and those of you and your team second, it can create a power imbalance that breeds long-term unhappiness and resentment.

2You’re not getting your needs met

Does your platform listen to what you actually want and need for your events? Do they still invest in upgrading their technology, their infrastructure, the usability of their features and integrations? Something’s off if you’re constantly craving things that aren’t provided or you find yourself daydreaming of a more fulfilling relationship.

3You feel taken for granted

Their needs shouldn’t always come before yours. For example, can you easily get a real product expert on the phone? How committed are they to your success? Great support is difficult and expensive. You have to be in it for the long-haul. If your platform cares more about sales and new business than they do about taking care of you, it’s probably a sign that things have become unhealthy.

Distracted boyfriend meme: YOU … YOUR PLATFORM … NEW CUSTOMERS

4You’re not yourself anymore

You should always be free to be yourself. It’s not a good sign if your platform wants to dictate how your website, reg form, app and everything else about your event should look. And if they want to plaster their brand all over your hard work? When you paid for it?! Whisper it, but you might just be in a toxic relationship.

5You can’t trust them

Constantly questioning whether your platform is telling the truth or feeling the need to go behind their back and search through their terms and conditions is an emotionally draining experience. How good is their cyber security? Are they sharing your data with third parties? Are they charging you twice as much as some of their other clients?

6There are red flags

Your platform may act in certain ways that concern you, but for one reason or another, you ignore it. For example, maybe they betray your trust by using your attendee data to market events for other clients? Or do they refuse to introduce you to important people in their life? Like the developer team.

7You want different things

When you think about your future together, do your goals align? Maybe you want all your events supported for the year for one competitive price, with personalised service and support whenever you need it. While they’re more interested in slashing costs, diverting all the resources into sales and making a quick buck by selling out to private equity as soon as possible?

Valentine’s Day or not, if you recognise any of these signs, it’s time to think about putting yourself first and looking for a more fulfilling relationship.

If you’re interested, this is the kind of love we believe everyone has a right to expect from their event technology partner.